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If you are at risk of losing your home to foreclosure or if you find yourself struggling to pay your mortgage you may qualify for a loan modification. At The Law Office of Margaret Carlo, P.C. we have helped many home owners to legally modify the terms of their home loans making their payments more affordable so that they can stay in their homes.

A loan modification is a re-structuring of the terms of your existing mortgage; it could be a reduction in the interest rate, waiver of accrued interest, the re-amortization of the loan to include past due payments among several other options.

Why Hire Our Firm

At The Law Office of Margaret Carlo, P.C. we want to see you win! We have the experience, knowledge and resources to help you modify your loan. The process of obtaining a loan modification can be both frustrating and daunting if you do not know the intricacies of the process. The truth is bank representatives respond more expeditiously to an attorney's office then they do to the average consumer. In addition, attorneys are versed in the legal issues that can be used as leverage when negotiating with your bank. Our firm will conduct a complete financial analysis of your current situation so that together we may devise a strategy that presents your application in the most favorable light.

For those who have applied for loan modifications on their own or been denied there may be other options to maximize the length of time you can stay in your home, including mortgage foreclosure defense , negotiating a short sale. If at any time you are served with foreclosure papers from your lender call us immediately to set up your consultation. The banks have hired hundreds of attorneys to represent their interests you too need to have an experienced attorney fighting for you.

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