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Divorce Mediation

An Inexpensive, Lower-Stress Alternative To Traditional Divorce

Divorce does not have to be an adversarial, nasty procedure. For many people, mediation removes much of the stress, delay and hard feelings that a traditional divorce can cause. But in order for divorce mediation to work, you need an experienced and skilled mediator.

At The Law Office of Margaret Carlo, P.C., we use a variety of methods to help people get through divorce, including mediation. Our attorney, Margaret Carlo, has earned a reputation as a capable and ethical mediator in divorce and family law. We help clients throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties.

The Role Of The Mediator

A divorce mediator does not act as an attorney for you or your spouse. Instead, they serve as a neutral third party who is knowledgeable about New York divorce law. As your mediator, Ms. Carlo will explain what you need to know about the law and how it applies to you. Then she will help you and your spouse work toward a negotiated settlement of everything you need to work out, such as:

  • Property division
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support and spousal support (alimony)

With our lawyer’s third-party guidance, you may be able to settle your divorce more quickly and less expensively than if you had chosen traditional divorce. Perhaps more importantly, you and your spouse will feel in control of the process, so you can continue to co-parent your children effectively. Ms. Carlo is bilingual, able to communicate in English and Spanish without the need for a translator.

Divorce mediation is not appropriate in all cases, such as when there was domestic violence in the home. But if you are considering mediation, our firm can provide the means to use it effectively.

Talk To Our Divorce Mediator

To learn more about our family law mediation services, contact The Law Office of Margaret Carlo, P.C., at 631-354-9955 or toll-free 631-354-9955. Our office is in Hauppauge, New York. Se habla español.

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