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Family Law Mediation

Experienced Family Law Mediator

The traditional route of adversarial negotiations and the possibility of a trial is not the best way for everyone to resolve their family law issues. If you and your ex have children together, you may have to find a way to work together to be successful co-parents. A nonconfrontational method of resolving legal disputes can help you rebuild trust and give you greater control over the outcome.

At The Law Office of Margaret Carlo, P.C., we provide mediation services in family law. Besides her exceptional work as a family law advocate and litigator, attorney Margaret Carlo helps guide parents and other parties to fair, sustainable and customized agreements. Located in Hauppauge, our firm serves clients throughout Long Island.

What Does A Family Law Mediator Do?

As a family law mediator, Ms. Carlo acts as a neutral third party. Using her knowledge of New York family law and her skill as a communicator, she helps each party understand their legal rights and obligations and guides them toward a settlement. Because she is bilingual, she can communicate directly with you, whether you prefer speaking English or Spanish, without the need for a translator.

We create a comfortable setting that helps you and your ex set aside emotion and work toward a practical, legally sustainable compromise. Without the tension and hard feelings that traditional family law litigation can cause, it is less likely that you will have to go back later to modify the order.

Contact An Experienced Family Law Mediator

If you are considering mediation to resolve your family law problem, contact The Law Office of Margaret Carlo, P.C., at  631-354-9955 or toll-free 631-354-9955. You can also send us an email, and we will respond promptly. Se habla español.

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